Injuries From a Car Wreck

Being in a car wreck can be the biggest nightmare a lot of people can imagine being a part of. However, for some it is purely the aftermath which accounts for their worst fears. Having on going pain from a car accident is a constant reminder of how you don’t feel the same. Don’t let this go on too long! You should always speak to a lawyer or attorney after your accident. Do not settle anything with anyone until you can be sure you are not injured. Take the extra step and get examined! You don’t always know your body as well as a professional does. You may not make a movement that tells you that something is off unless someone guides you through the process. Don’t take a gamble with your health, it’s not worth it. See a professional Chiropractor and assess your health. It might just be the best decision you have ever made. If you are in Georgia and are in a car accident, look up Karl Kurth. He has experience in this type of situation. Here is his accident guide for Dalton, Georgia or anywhere really. Be safe with yourself.

Eye Exams for Scarring

Do you have scarring on your eyes? An eye exam would tell you for certain. To learn more, watch this video on corneal scarring, causes and treatment options. Then, if you feel like you would like and exam for this or just in general, call the Advanced Eye Care Center for an Eye Exam in Mansfield, Ohio.

Rhinoplasty Scar Healing

Can you heal rhinoplasty scars? Well why couldn’t you? Scars are scars right? Mostly that is. You should always consult your plastic surgeon before doing any type of treatment. More than likely however, you will probably find that you can use the regular suggested things to heal up. Hopefully you don’t have too many scars that actually need healing though. You do have a good plastic surgeon right? Have you seen other rhynoplasty procedures that they have done? If not, you might want to ask them. It is not too late to find someone else to do your nose job! You really ought to look around at everyone before making a final decision. If you happen to be in the great state of Ohio, then you are lucky you found this post. Visit and get in touch with the best fit for your rhinoplasty surgery in Ohio. Your nose will thank you.

Take a Photo of Healed Scars!

For some the healing of scars can take a very long time. It may seem like a life time for those who are going through it. No matter how long it takes, you are certainly going to be ecstatic when things are all healed up. Why not then take a selfie? For those not as up-to-date on new terms, a “selfie” is just a picture you take of yourself. Pretty simple! Sometimes though professional photography is in order to celebrate big.

Most people think that professional photography is only for senior pictures or your wedding day. While these are certainly times where you would want to hire someone to do your pictures for you, a professional can do other occasions as well. They know the right lighting and angles to use to make sure things look perfect. You can look back years from now and enjoy a nice scar free photo. Why not take a look now? Check out Knox Pro Photo. They do wedding photography in Cincinnati, OH. They also do senior portraits and probably just anything else you can think of. It could be just you, or it could be a nice family shot as well. Use your imagination and make it something you want to look back on from time to time. Photos are a great way to remember where you have been and what you have to be thankful about. Hang it up in your office and show it off. Celebrate the healing of your scars.

Scar Free Healing

Welcome to our website. This presentation features our scar treatment cream that dissolves scar tissues by the action of natural enzymes, while promoting an orderly regeneration of healthy tissues with aligned collagen fibers.

This scar cream is now recommended by Doctors for scar reduction after surgery and to prevent the formation of abnormal scarring if it is used before surgery.

We also present a product to treat acne inflammation and heal the cells that have been injured within the follicles and sebum ducts. It works to heal acne and prevent acne scars.

Plus a home microdermabrasion cream powered by our unique natural immune serum to exfoliate existing acne scars while boosting skin regeneration.
Scar Healing, Scar Prevention and Scar Reduction

Surgical methods of scar removal may be effective for some people who are willing to run the high risks of side effects. Infections and color changes in the skin are some of the most frequent outcomes.

Chemical peels and dermabrasion procedures are yet another option. They are performed by trained professionals, which makes them an expensive treatment for acne scarring.

Products that are supposed to work as acne scar removers are advertised everywhere on the market. And Doctors are increasingly burning your skin with lasers to resurface the skin and get rid of the upper layer and its imperfections while relying on the innate ability of human skin to regenerate itself when damaged by laser beams, abrasion or chemical peeling but in a more controlled way than originally, without abnormal scars and yielding a much smother appearance.

The unfortunate part is that your body may react by making the skin coarser, with undesired pigmentation disorders and by yielding new scars. The good news is there is no longer need to call a Doctor anymore when looking for advanced scar treatments.
A new option happens to exist for treating acne scars and it is completely natural and safe for everybody

As reported by researchers of the Dermatology Service of the Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in New York together with scientists from other prestigious academic institutions, the natural immune serum copiously produced by land snail of the species Cryptomphalus Aspersa or Helix Aspersa Müller has skin regenerative properties that can be put to work to prevent and reduce scars.

scar treatment and skin regeneration

The immune serum with strong skin regeneration properties is a complex compound produced by the only living creature that secretes a substance that repairs its own skin when damaged and has a skin made of the same structural elements and cells human skin is made of. And the repair is done in a way that does not leave behind abnormal scars.

Scientific analysis of the biological compound reveals it contains complex sugar molecules, proteins, enzymes, coenzymes and oligoelements that scientists only recently have discovered to play a crucial role as:

(a) Messengers molecules that enhance communication between cells.

(b) Immune moderators of an otherwise immoderate inflammatory reaction when skin is damaged.

(c) Activators of fibroblast proliferation.

Fibroblasts is the name given to the cells in the basal layer of the skin that give rise to all the structural elements necessary for the correct deposition of the skin matrix and new connective tissues such as collagen and elastin fibers, the water holding molecules present in healthy skin (glycosaminoglycans and proteoglycans) and new healthy skin cells.

The immune serum functions by orchestrating an otherwise disordered renewal or regeneration of damaged tissues.

(d) Enzymes that dissolve dysfunctional tissues, keratin plugs and unblock pores.

(e) Antimicrobial peptides that keep microbes in check and boosters of the production, by our own immune system, of more antimicrobial peptides on the surface of the skin and within the skin follicles. Those are normally or naturally in human skin with the mission to control growing bacteria.

The biological compound made of complex molecules and natural enzymes goes deep into the skin and heals acne and prevents and dissolves acne scars from the inside. Old acne scar removal techniques and the dreaded side effects associated with them no longer need to be a part of your life.

The serum helps to prevent and reduce all types of scars, including hypertrophic scars and keloid scars.

Rather than take our word for it read the actual study about the regenerative properties of the secretions, or serum, on the publications website of the Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center in New York Copyright © 2007 S. Karger AG, Basel.

The research is signed among other researchers by a scientist from the Dermatology Services of The Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center of New York, one of the most prestigious in the world, and was published in English in 2008, confirming previous reports in Spanish Dermatology Journals that claim the secretion or serum produced by land snails under stressful conditions have regenerative properties.

The serum has multiple modes of antioxidant action, acting at the level of free radical production and also sequestering free radicals.

Stimulates fibroblast proliferation (the stem cells of the skin located in the basal layer of the epidermis) and rearrangement of the dynamic structures of cells.

A study published in April 2012, by the same institution concludes that the “secretion of the mollusc Cryptomphalus aspersa promotes proliferation, migration and survival of keratinocytes and dermal fibroblasts in vitro”

Additional mechanisms involved in the regenerative effect of the serum include the stimulation of extracellular matrix assembly and the regulation of the activity of enzymes, which limits the extent of the damage during wound healing, and limits abnormal scar formation.

The immune serum reduces skin alterations by providing a balanced mixture of Natural factors that help to recover the normal physiology of the skin.

Low molecular weight proteins that activate Fibroblast Growth Factor activity. Fibroblast proliferation is key for they are the stem cells in the basal membrane of the skin that give rise to new connective tissues: collagen and elastin fibers plus the glycosaminoglycans and proteoglycans that act as the glue that bind cells together and as fillers with a large capacity to withhold many times their weight in water and give skin strength, elasticity and the capacity to withstand overstretching without breaking of skin fibers.
High molecular weight proteins that work as Oxygen carriers (copper-haemocyanin)
Copper peptides that induce the degradation of “extra-large” collagen aggregates found in scar tissues such as those in stretch marks, and promotes the synthesis of smaller more regular collagen as is normal skin
Enzymes, both with Collagenase and Gelatinase activities that degrade damaged proteins and scar tissues and speed scar removal
Hyaluronic Acid, provides deep tissue hydration
Glycoproteins / mucopolysaccharides that act as signaling molecules and enhance communication among and within cells, thus coordinating an orchestrated process that recognizes damaged and scar tissues, and activates the enzymes that “digest” or further degrade them into their amino-acid and other components, and uses those same components for the reconstruction of the extracellular matrix
Trace elements (Copper, Zinc, Iron, Calcium), some acting as coenzymes, necessary for Cellular Renewal,
Low molecular weight antioxidant compounds with Antioxidant & Anti-Inflammatory effects.

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